Sunday, October 27, 2013

Frontier lowered my service, raised the price, and cancelled my contract!

Did you know that you can sign a 2 year contract with frontier, and only they have to abide by it?  Neat huh?

I used to have 35/35 FiOS in the Seattle, WA area for $44.99

One day I called in because my internet had died (as happens once a month like clockwork).  After that call, the rep I was talking to apparently noticed my account had a "fictitious account number", and decided to fix it for me.  In the process, the rep failed to tell me they were doing it, changed my service from 35/35 to 35/15, changed my price from 44.99 to 49.99, cancelled my contract, and didn't move the billing from the old account to the new account.

I didn't know any of this happened until 2 months later when I got a call from a frontier collections person who accused me of not paying my bill, and would not listen when I said according to my credit card I've been paying.  He told me he couldn't see where the payments were going, and rudely demanded that I pay him or my service was going to get shut off.

I ended up calling back and talking to a normal billing person, and after some digging searching they found my new account and informed that because I was a new customer, I would need to set up billing.  New customer?  I've been a customer for a year and a half!  Eventually they figure it out, and move the credit from my old account (which was still billing even though it was closed) to my new account.  They never mentioned my speed had been lowered, my contract had been cancelled, or my price had gone up.

It's nice out, I play outside all summer, calling in once a month to have my internet fixed, and finally they send out a tech.  He says hey, i see you have 35/15 and I'm confused because I have 35/35.  Run a speed test, yep, 35/15.

Today I called because my internet went down (yesterday too, then again today), and they transfer me to billing, who says yep, we changed your account and lowered your service.  After 20 minutes on the phone with a supervisor who did everything in her power to "compromise" with me, I got the discounted price I was supposed to get, but not the service I was supposed to get via contract.  Great compromise huh?  I signed a 2 year contract to get something, and they decided that they would cancel my contract, raise my price, and lower my speeds.

According to the supervisor they don't provide that service anymore, only grandfathered accounts get 35/35 and there is "nothing they can do".  But she wants to compromise by giving me half of what my contract guaranteed me.  Nice compromise I got huh?


  1. We are sorry to hear about your billing and service concerns. Will you please email us at with your account, number, contact information, and reference #1082. Thank you, Melinda

  2. I take my internet quite seriously I would just have an attorney deal with it. that drop in upload speed is harsh.