Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Asterisk Directory Application Crash With Asterisk Realtime in 1.6.2

I recently discovered that asterisk-addons- has a bug in res_config_mysql that causes asterisk to segfault if you send a user to the Directory() app while using realtime asterisk for voicemail.  This bug is fixed in the asterisk-addons branch of 1.6.2 so be sure to use the latest res_config_mysql.c if you are using asterisk-addons-  The SVN is available here:

I spent a fair amount of time tracing down this crash before attempting to use the latest version out of SVN and discovered that this crash had been patched about a month ago.  I guess the moral of the story is to always test the latest code out of SVN if you are experiencing segfaults.  Not just the latest release, but test against the latest code in SVN as well, it could save you a lot of time debugging.

Asterisk,, Crash With Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging

We use Unified Messaging to provide mailboxes to our users in Asterisk along with the added features UM provides over the built in Voicemail app, and we recently upgraded from to and found a new bug.  The bug was introduced in, and is fixed in the asterisk 1.6.2 branch in SVN as of 6/29/2011.  The tag has the fix included as well, so be sure to use that if you are planning to use Exchange Unified Messaging with Asterisk.


    -- Called 1593@Exchange2010LCYEX2
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I didn't bother to do much investigation considering the fix is included in